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Pennsylvania Smart Meter
Opt Out Petition

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50 State Smart Meter Opt Out Chart

States with Smart Meter Opt Outs States with Smart Meter Opt Outs


This state smart meter opt-out chart is up to date as of August 1, 2018, using information that is publicly available on the internet.


1. Smart meter opt outs take three general forms:
a. State legislation mandating smart meter opt outs.
b. State public utility commission regulations mandating smart meter opt outs.
c. State public utility commission orders approving opt outs and opt out tariffs for different utilities in their smart meter filings.

2. For several states that are new to smart meter deployment, we were unable to find state mandates, public utility regulations or tariffs regarding opt out filings, so we left those states blank, because we could find no references to smart meter opt out or to mandatory smart meter deployment for residential households.

3. If we were able to find at least one utility in the state which permits smart meter opt outs, we listed that state as a “YES”, because obviously, there is at least the possibility of opting out of smart meter deployment in that state.

4. All cited authorities in this chart are compiled and available in full format following this link:

Additional links

Hawaii YES 8/29/2017 Maui Hawaiian Electric proposes opt in only

Minnesota YES as of August 2018 Connexus Energy Opt out form

Pennsylvania NO 5/3/2018 PUC final decision C-2015-2474602
6/14/2018 PUC final decision C-2015-2475355

Tennessee YES August 2012 Cleveland Utilities offers opt outs:

Virginia YES 5/14/2013 "Dominion Energy smart meter opt outs: Dominion Energy website under “Location: Virginia”

West Virginia YES 5/14/2013 "Dominion Energy smart meter opt outs: Dominion Energy website under “Location: West Virginia”

Link to PUC Organizational Chart:
Link to website of Andrew A. Marino, PhD:
Consumer Complaint Procedures Guide: Booklet.pdf

Authorities cited in State Opt Out Chart